A relatively accurate measure of vertical heights may be taken using a spirit level on a steady base,
a box or something similar, packed up level to say 0.6m.( 2ft ) from ground to top of the spirit level,
and a pole with a sighting mark on it, say at 3.m. (10 ft. ).
This will give the equivalent of a 2.4 metre measuring pole (3 metres to the mark - less the .6m to the top of the spirit level.)
Starting at the reservoir site ( Point A ), set up the box and spirit level.
Have the person with the pole move down the hill until the mark is visible when sighting along the top
of the spirit level. ( Point B ) This will be a 2. 4m. (8ft. ) drop.
Move the box and level to ( Point B ), set up again and have the person with the pole move down the hill until ( Point C ) is determined.
Repeat these steps for ( C to D, D to E ) etc.
The last siting may require a new line to be marked on the pole and that would have to be measured separately,
allowing for the height of the box and level.
The total of the drops measured will give the height of the hill.
In the example pictured the vertical height between the water level and the top of the rise would be -
2.4 + 2.4 + 2.4 + 1.2 = 8.4 metres

Picture of level sitings

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