WATER - the foremost requirement for life, and our lifestyles.
The humble windmill has been used, for more than a millennium, to pump
water and was the single, most important, piece of machinery which allowed
our forebears to utulise land which was, otherwise, unable to sustain us in
our agricultural and industrial endeavours.
Windmills still harness the energy which is free to us all.
We are proud to present The Ferguson Windmill for your assessment.
Every effort has been made to combine simplicity of design with the best of
materials and manufacturing procedures to bring you a product which has
proven itself in service and reliability. Compare it with the alternatives.
The Ferguson Windmill is very sturdily constructed and has been designed to give a long life of useful
service. The simplicity of design makes for fewer things to go wrong and therefore you can expect many
many years of trouble free running. The tail-less fan and pivoting head run on high quality regreasable
ballraces. The crank bearing is also regreasable. The pump is constructed from non-rust materials, i.e.
bronze body - stainless steel pump rod - leather washers and stainless steel inlet valve in a brass body whilst
the mast, pivoting head, blades, fan arms, screw anchors, etc. are all hot dip galvanised.
The Ferguson Windmill can pump an average of 2300 litres (500gals) of water per day and is able to lift up to
7.5 metres (25ft) and pump to a vertical height of 52 metres (175ft). In conjunction with an adequate reservoir
this makes the mill ideally suited for stock watering, crop irrigation, household water and in fact any situation
where there is a need to move medium volumes of water or other liquids. The pumping characteristics of the
mill means that it is unnecessary to dig out large, costly, ponds or dams when there is a constant supply of
water such as a spring or stream because the draw-off rate is low and allows the supply to replenish itself
It should be noted that it is not always necessary to site the Windmill directly alongside the water source. It
may be more practical to place the mill some distance from the water and possibly downhill in some cases so
that the pump is gravity fed just as long as the maximum lift (suction) height is not exceeded when lifting
water to the pump.
Mills are readily assembled and erected on site by two unskilled people with only a few handtools - no power,
cranes etc. required. The Windmill mast and stays do not require concreteing into the ground, which greatly
reduces assembly time.
Full instructions for setup and erection are supplied.
Windmill Photo
MAST :- 3.5m (11'6") single pole hot-dip galvanised complete with connecting rod, alignment blocks and clamps,
stay wires, tensioners and ground anchors.
HEAD ASSEMBLY :- Galvanised pivoting head with regreasable rod-end crank bearing, crankshaft bearings
and pivot thrust bearing, - electroplated crankshaft with fitted cast alloy fan hub.
FAN :- Six bladed 1.8m (6') diameter all galvanised - ready to assemble to fan hub on head assembly.
PUMP :- Heavy cast bronze body (to withstand freezing) - stainless steel pump rod, inlet valve and ball valve -
brass valve bodies and outlet valve - bronze gland sleeve - low friction gland piston with fitted O'ring seal -
and high quality bark tanned leather cup washer.  35mm (1 3/8")bore x 38mm (1 1/2") stroke.
EXTENSION MAST :- 3.25m (10'9'') single pole hot-dip galvanised complete with connecting
rod,alignment blocks and clamps, mast joining clamp, stay wires, tensioners and ground anchors.
The means of footing the mast (typically a piece of 50mm thick reinforced concrete, or heavy paving slab, for the mast to stand on.)
There is NO NEED to concrete the mast into the ground !
Water supply lines and fittings to and from pump. 25mm (1") ID inlet pipe - 20mm (3/4") ID outlet pipe
Reservoir or header tank. ( as required )
Overflow return pipe from reservoir back to the supply. ( as required )
As all component parts of the mill and pump are of very high quality just a small amount of grease
and a visual check, to ensure guywire tension, etc., is the only regular maintenance required.
Shipping weight:
Approximately 67kg. (143 lbs.)
Shipping Dimensions:
Mast: 3500 x 280 x 100mm. + Box of Parts: 600 x 400 x 300mm. = 0.17cu metres. (6cu ft.)
(Standard windmill only - please enquire about extension mast weights and dimensions)
FREIGHT FREE throughout North & South Islands of New Zealand to your nearest national carrier's depot.
Prices as at :- November 2011. (Including Freight within NZ.)
Complete windmill includes -
1.8m. (6ft.) fan and head assembly, standard mast, pump, and accessories - $3040.00 (= $2643.48 + GST )
Extension mast and accessories - $862.50 (= $750.00 + GST )
Prices are quoted in New Zealand currency and GST only applies to NZ customers!
      As we have no control over material costs, prices are subject to change without notice.
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Each Windmill is inspected before it leaves our premises and, subject to fair wear and tear, it is fully
guaranteed against faulty materials and workmanship for a period of 12 months.
This guarantee applies also to the pump, but does exclude wear and tear on the cylinder and valves
and/or clogging of the valves due to corrosive or dirty water supply.
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